Back in May when I was in Michigan attending my college graduation this thought came to mind, “rock garden”. Strange I know but random thoughts come to me at random times (like when I’m in the shower). I take that as God is trying to share something with me so I need to pay attention. Is this about an actual rock garden with rocks and plants? No, this was about the people in my life. I know you’re thinking what in the world, just stay with me here.

Let’s first talk briefly about an actual rock garden. This rock garden you see is my neighbors down the street. As you can tell from that picture there are various plants/shrubs, and rocks. If you look closely can you see the dragon? (pretty cool isn’t it?!) This is just one example, if you do a search on google you will see many different and beautiful rock gardens like this one.

Anyways, with a rock garden it requires careful planning. Have to think about what kind of plants, shrubs, or trees you want to use. Then there’s the rocks, how many and what size do you want them to be. Probably should first design what you want then the other stuff will fall in place. Typically one’s goal for a rock garden is to have something beautiful to look at, something that gives one peace to contemplate life or decisions.

Still with me? Great!! Thanks for staying with me. Now onto the spiritual aspect of this thought “rock garden”. I then started looking to see what the Bible says about the word ‘rock’ and what it means, and there were multiple meanings. Here they are listed:

-strength or stability
-faith (from the Lord)

These past two and half years I had been completing my degree online. There was many a time when I wanted to quit, or had thoughts of I’m not good or smart enough to do this. It wasn’t just that but other situations that came up during that time that left me feeling shaky at times. So, sitting there at graduation all I could think about were the rocks (people) in my garden (my life). Of course God is the biggest rock but these other rocks were strategically placed so I would grow. God used these people to provide me protection, strength, foundation, and even faith during the winds, rain, and the rocks that didn’t belong. It is because of God and the rocks in my life that I am where I am today. So to you my dear rocks, THANK YOU!




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