Hi! I’m Sue Parks.


Why not? Have you ever had an idea that just wouldn’t go away? Yes? That is what happened with me, I have spent the past few years mulling over this idea of starting a blog. Finally decided to “take the plunge” because I don’t want to an old woman wondering and wishing I had.



What is this blog about? I will be sharing stories, thoughts, reviews, etcetera about marriage, motherhood, interpreting, faith, bible, and whatever else that comes to mind. While sharing I’m hoping to connect with others as well as help someone in the process. We all have something that’s worth sharing.


Who Am I?

  • Child of God
  • Wife
  • Momma of 8 (yes, all biologically ours)
  • CODA (child of Deaf Adults)
  • Nationally certified sign language interpreter
  • Deaf ministry leader
  • Recent graduate with a BAS in Occupational Studies
  • Beach lover