What in the world is this you’re asking. If you are able to enlarge the picture you will be able to see exactly what those tiny brownish things are.

As time goes on you will come to know that I love the beach and all that pertains to it, including most of the creatures. Every time I am at the beach I love collecting sea shells.

My hubby and I decided on a whim to go to Clearwater beach the Friday after Hurricane Irma whipped through.

After sitting and talking for awhile we decided to take a walk down the shoreline. We could not believe our eyes! There were so many of these that washed ashore from the hurricane. Normally they are a hard find but not that day.

Have you figured out what they are yet?

They are (if I’m right) Florida fighting conch shells. I would have taken one but did not want to deal with the smell after the creature dies. Let’s say I’ve been there and done that, haha.


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